Ideas to Create a Stunning Garden Outside Your Window

More and more often in summer you can see windows, and windowsills of which are decorated outside with flower boxes. These windows are immediately striking in their originality and freshness. Inspired by this splendor of colors on the windows, especially strolling through summer Europe on my recent trip, I wanted to create something similar in my own home.

I think this topic will be especially interesting for the so-called “apartment gardeners”, to which I, in fact, belong.
A pot or decorative box outside the window will help you to feel the summer mood, even in a city apartment. To grow your flower garden outside the window, you should choose the right plants for it. They should be unpretentious and well established in container culture.

Flowers on the windowsill. When buying a container, you should think not only about its appearance, but also about how to securely fix it. In addition to planting flowers in a box outside the window, there is another option – to purchase baskets that are fixed on a hook.
Whatever you choose, whether it’s a basket or a container, they should be positioned so that the window opens and closes freely.

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