35 Inspiring Tree Stump Garden Decor Ideas

Old tree stumps are always eye sores, and we are trying to get rid of them as fast as possible. If it’s a stump that is still in the ground, that can be really hard, so I advise you to skip the idea of eliminating it and go for upcycling it. There are many ways and many things that can be made of tree stumps, let’s take a look at them and maybe you’ll find an idea you like!

Tree Stump Furniture

Tree stumps are great to use them as furniture – these are ready stools that don’t require any changes, such stools will look great around your dining table or around your fire bowl. Of course, you wanna change them, you may paint them or add cushions on top. Another idea to use tree stumps is to make a base for a table of them, or, if the stump is really large, to use it as a table. Place a large living edge tabletop on your stump and voila!

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