70 Modern And Chic Front Yard Design Ideas

A well-groomed front yard helps to frame your home and prefaces the interior inside, providing an initial welcome. A well-organized front yard design and landscaping should complement the natural terrain of the land and enhance the general theme of the home. If your home decor is modern, keep this style outside, too. Clean lines, earthy colors, natural materials, a minimized use of divergent colors – this is what you need for a modern front yard. Want some examples? Here they are.

Large Planters

Very prominent among modern front yard designs are the large planters, and the larger, the better. Shapes are basic – round, square, tubular, or conical. As for colors, go for something contrasting – if the backdrop is neutral, use black, if it’s dark, go grey, tan, white and other light shades. Grow some statement plants in large pots to make your front yard bold, better create an arrangement of mismatching plants for a more modern feel, and even if you have growing plants and blooms already, you may rock potted ones, too. Create a whole stylish arrangement of oversized planters of different shapes that are united with their material or color.

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