Appealing Red Heart Shaped Indoor Plants To Decor Your Home More Charming

If you’re looking for something special to add to your home, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration. Today we are very happy to introduce attractive red heart shaped houseplants to decorate your home more charmingly that you will fall in love with. Heart-shaped leaves look adorable and bring a romantic atmosphere to your home. Unlike a bouquet, these adorable houseplants keep growing, as does your affection. Are you ready to meet them with us?

Instead of setting up a vase of fresh flowers just once, houseplants with heart-shaped leaves can express your love forever. With your little care, these houseplants will last much longer than a dozen cut roses and can remind the recipient of your affection all year round as they grow. In other words, you can use them as a meaningful gift for your lover or friend. What’s more, not only are they beautiful with an attractive red color, but they are so easy to grow, so take a look and start growing some in your home.

#1 Anthurium

This plant has waxy, heart-shaped, bright red spatulas with beautifully contrasting deep green leaves.

#2 Spitfire Rex Begonia

Spitfire Rex Begonia gives attractive red-pink heart-shaped leaves with silver veins.

#3 Syngonium podophyllum ‘Red Heart’

This variety features soft pink, heart-shaped leaves with prominent veins.

#4 Poinsettia

This poinsettia has bright red leaves that contrast beautifully with green leaves.

#5 Caladium

Caladium features medium to large heart-shaped leaves with a dark red center and light green edges.

#6 Peperomy

This plant has red-purple, deeply textured, heart-shaped leaves.

#7 Candlestick plant

The heart-shaped, purple-purple to deep green leaves of Adenia stylosa have dark red veins.

#8 Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis f. Rubra

This attractive succulent features fleshy, heart-shaped, lilac-pink leaves with red edges.

#9 Best Red Lithops

The plant is stemless and looks like gray stones with red speckles on flat surfaces.

#10 Hybrid Philodendron

This plant features large, glossy, heart-shaped, deep green leaves with a red center.

#11 Red Wax Plant

Red Wax Plant has heart-shaped leaves that range from dark green in shade to light red with dark spots when grown in sunlight.

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