Best Amaryllis Colors and Varieties

From fiery reds pinks to delicate pastels, each Amaryllis colors and varieties has a living history of beauty and elegance!

1. Hippeastrum “Red Lion”

The Red Lion Amaryllis has deep red and large petals. It is a favorite for holiday and festival decorations.

2. Hippeastrum “Apple Blossom”

These amaryllis have soft, pale pink petals that are reminiscent of the gentle beauty of apple blossoms in spring, hence the name.

3. Hippeastrum ‘Minerva’

With a striking combination of red and white, this strain symbolizes passion and purity, making it an exquisite choice for special occasions.

4. Hippeastrum “White Nymph”

The nymph amaryllis exudes a sense of serenity and grace with its delicate white tone, making it a popular choice for those who appreciate classic beauty.

5. Hippeastrum “Charisma”

Charisma amaryllis is characterized by its unique salmon pink flowers with a subtle apricot note. Its soft tones are ideal for creating a relaxed, cozy atmosphere.

6. Hippeastrum “Orange Sovereign”

Its bright orange flowers are great for any setting and any occasion! This variety is perfect for anyone who appreciates the cheerful side of amaryllis.

7. Hippeastrum ‘Papilio’

With maroon-red petals and a distinctly green neck, its colors and patterns make it a topic of conversation!

8. Hippeastrum “Lagoon”

Lagoon Amaryllis offers a fascinating mix of pink, purple and white. This variety is also characterized by the contrasting color combination of flowers and leaves.

9. Hippeastrum “Ambiance”

It features elegant soft pink flowers with a white star in the center. This strain is an excellent choice for celebrations and gatherings.

10. Hippeastrum ‘Picotee’

This one features white petals with delicate red edges, reminiscent of a watercolor painting. It is an elegant choice for people who like subtle floral tones.

11. Hippeastrum “Green Goddess”

This specimen is characterized by its striking green and white flowers. Its fresh and modern look makes it perfect for modern spaces.

12. Hippeastrum “Black Pearl”

True to its name, it features deep maroon, almost black flowers. This variation is great for adding a sense of drama to the room.

13. Hippeastrum “Double Delicious”.

If you love double flowers, this should be on your center table! The bright red color that matches the green stems is sure to make it an eye-catcher!

14. Hippeastrum “Lemon Star”

These flowers exude a two-tone hue and can be a mix of yellow-green or white-green. It is a refreshing strain that is perfect for brightening up any room.

15. Hippeastrum “Cherry Nymph”

The petals are cherry red and can sometimes have a white stripe here and there. This combination gives it a dynamic and lively presence.

16. Hippeastrum “Minerva Deluxe”

A variation of the classic Minerva features a darker, more pronounced red and white contrast. This variety adds a bold and eye-catching character to any floral arrangement.

17. Hippeastrum ‘Samba’

Samba amaryllis is a festive variety with bright red and white striped petals. It is the perfect choice for special occasions and celebrations.

18. Hippeastrum “Samba Queen”

This variant offers a playful look with its red, white and yellow hues on the large flowers and adds flair and vibrancy to your floral arrangements.

19. Hippeastrum ‘Benfica’

It is a showy variety with deep red flowers and a few yellow “dots” in the center of each petal. This combination makes for a dramatic and eye-catching display.

20. Hippeastrum “Double Dream”

Large red flowers with bright white tones make this variety stand out from the others! It’s a great choice for gifting and for pots on the patio!

21. Hippeastrum ‘Sumatra’

Sumatran amaryllis is a rich, velvety red variety with a deep burgundy neck. An excellent choice for creating a dramatic and romantic atmosphere.

22. Hippeastrum ‘Ferrari’

It offers intense red flowers with slightly fringed petals. This strain exudes passion and excitement.

23. Hippeastrum “Misty”

Misty Amaryllis features delicate pink petals with a hint of lavender. Its soft and calming colors create a feeling of calm and serenity.

24. Hippeastrum “Sweet Lilian”

The Sweet Lilian amaryllis is characterized by delicate pink flowers with white accents and a green neck. This combination makes it a wonderful choice for gifting.

25. Hippeastrum ‘Elvas’

This is arguably the most striking and unusual strain on this list! It has a mix of red, yellow, green and white hues, making it a striking specimen!

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